Hello wapka user in this Wapka tutorial i will show how to set up .tk domain in your wapka site.Just follow this steps carefully.

step 1: Login .tk domain.
step 2: Click Domain Panel.
step 3: Then Click on your site link.
step 4: Then tick custom DNS like: .
step 5: Then click Add new.
step 6: Then again click  Add new.
step 7: Then copy below code and paste first Host Name box .Don't paste in IP address box.

step 8: Then again copy below code and paste second Host Name .Don't paste in IP address box.
step 9: Then click Save Change.
step 10: Then close the window.
step 11: Now we set up .tk Domain in wapka.
Login wapka>Click Settings >Click Own Domain >Now paste your .tk(like mobzoo.tk) Domain in box >Then Click Set Own Domain.

Important tips: First time,when you click Set Own Domain wapka says "Set DNS servers for your domain first. (ns1.wapka.mobi, ns2.wapka.mobi)" don't worry then after a few moment then again and again click Set Own Domain.When set up your .tk domain then visit your .tk domain after a few minute.First time,your .tk domain see wrong etc don't worry again visit after a few minute and you will capable of visit your site correctly.

Thanks For reading this wapka tutorial.If you like or faces any problem pls comment,we will reply your comment swiftly.



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