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Now a days SEO is the important tips for any blog/website.It will help to find better traffic every day and also increase your site rank and alexa rank.Although, SEO is the most important but it's difficult.Let's know some SEO tips.
Simply information:
Before search engine optimization you hava to know that SEO is a slowly method.Never try to make in a day.Try to make it slowly and step by step.
SEO Tips For Beginners:
  • At first choose your keyword using Google Keyword Tools or any other tools but google tools is the best for work.
  • Always try to make a backlink from high PR(Page Rank) blog.If you want to check it manually it's really to hard.So you can install Alexa toolbar in your browser.You also can install Webrank Toolbar add-on on firefox.They will automatically show the PR when you visit any site.Here i suggest to used Webrank toolbar because everything you find this tool.
  • Don't try to create more than 30 backlink  in a day.It's appear spam.
  • When you go to make a comment to another site, fill your name space with your keyword.Then put email and your site url.
  • Then select 3-5 forum site that related with your keyword.You can also do it by search.Such as this format "High Page Rank (your keyword) forum site" in any search engine.
  • Then make a signature in the forum with your keyword(use link in keyword).Create 5-6 post each forum site regularly and make comment in another article.This method helps you to create 30 quality backlink everyday.
  • Never use any software plugin to create backlink.It's harmful for your site.
Thanks for reading this article.May be it's help for your site.


  1. Thanks for all your post.

    Iam curious about learning new things but iam new and i have many doubts.

    Can you help me...

    If yes, Pls connect me on facebook and i can easily have a conversation when i have questions.

    1. What's your problem?Pls tell me here.I will try to solve your question.

  2. Very good tips, also for page rank and rank checker are some plugins from Firefox, but this tools are also grea. Good job and best regards !


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